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That Dance You Hit When You And Your Best Friends Song Comes On / Vine By: Jeremy Scott
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josh peck is literally my favorite person





'Wasn't too hard. Took one of your notebooks for reference. I even drew that little space heroes doodle you add at the end of your signature. Left the letter at the window sill, and told her you'd be back soon.

I’ll fix this. I always find a way.’

that’s okay, i wasn’t planning on using my feelings again *sweeps shards and dust remains off the floor*

I hate everything


well would you look at that

OH MY FUCKING GOD. MY DAD SAW THIS ON HIS WAY TO WORK. HE CAME HOME THAT DAY AND TOLD US THAT WHILE HE WAS ON THE NJ PARKWAY, SOME OLD MAN DECIDED TO TRY AND DRIVE OVER THE CONCRETE DIVIDER AND REPEATEDLY KEPT BACKING UP INTO THE FRONT OF MY DAD’S CAR. My dad eventually got out and went up to him and said, “Are you done now?” Apparently the old man was completely clueless and had no idea that he had been ramming the back end of his tiny car into my dad’s trail blazer ; o ; i can’t believe this.

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